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November 30, 2020

"In 2020, politicians and their advisors have been caught breaking Covid-19 restrictions, police forces around the world have revealed their violent and institutional racism and conspiracy theories have run rampant on social media. However, as bad as things have got, ‘Advertsing executives’ - as no one describes themselves on LinkedIn – have still managed to find themselves at the bottom of Ipsos MORI’s annual poll of trust in various professions, the Veracity Index. Only 13% of people say they trust ad folk and, according to the yearly poll, that trust has been low ever since they were added to the index in 2018. 

Trust in advertising has been a key priority of the UK Advertising Association’s agenda, but whatever progress they’re making on advertising front, it seems that the public is still pretty sceptical about the people who make it. Maybe it’s a diet of Mad Men and Emily in Paris – or maybe the industry getting something profoundly wrong? Or is it less of a problem than the depressing survey results might suggest?"
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