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Vetting Partners Carefully Is An Important Personal Branding Move

January 08, 2023

Where did Adidas go wrong? That question has surely been bandied about at the sports behemoth since its epic split from the artist formerly known as Kanye West. According to Time, parting ways after West made reprehensible comments will cost Adidas in the neighborhood of $250 million. The decision to cut ties was a necessary expense, and it should nudge all of us to ask ourselves how our associations are affecting our personal brands.

It’s no secret that we define ourselves (at least partly) by the company we keep. For instance, if your friend only hangs out with party people, you’re going to assume your friend’s a partier. Likewise, if a job candidate’s social media pages are filled to the brim with pictures of her with her college friends sporting their alma mater gear, you can be sure she’s a huge fan of her chosen college—and probably had an overwhelmingly positive experience there.

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