Mitchell Caplan, Chief Growth Officer, RAPP US, shares how CEO’s can use data to help them prioritize their first initiatives in a new job.

“Whether the showcase hire at a new company or the newest member of an established C-suite, a newly minted executive’s first few months are often a whirlwind of addressing challenges and accomplishing proposed goals.

Much of this success relies on navigating that balance, but unfortunately, new CEOs, chief marketing officers, or other C-level leaders are rarely given the “real” company story from employees. They may get general explanations of an organization’s well-being, but most employees are reluctant to share negative issues until they know more about that new hire.

Thus, new executives must quickly learn to push for transparency and honesty and to utilize an organization’s cultural data in order to achieve real learning. By relying on data to coordinate their efforts and ensure they’re not ignoring the more fundamental obstacles, they’ll be able to effectively navigate this novel landscape and deliver those goals that they set for the company and themselves.”

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