RAPP LA won gold in the “Automotive” category at the 2016 DMA International ECHO Awards for their “Toyota Owner Welcome” campaign.

The DMA ECHO Awards honor excellence in creativity, marketing strategy and response results in data-driven marketing campaigns. “These campaigns demonstrate noteworthy success by marrying creative storytelling to data science that results in important business outcomes for their clients,” said Tom Benton, DMA’s CEO.

The ECHO Awards Gala was held during the fist night of DMA’s &THEN conference. At &THEN, RAPP’s John Gim spoke on "The Use of Technology in Echo Winning Campaigns" and Laura Sanchez spoke at an ideation session based on Toyota’s 4Runner "Choose Your Wild" Virtual Test Drive Campaign.”

The Toyota campaign pilot team includes: Alango Otieno, Alon Goldsmith, Andrew Franceschini, Andrew Le, Ashley Frost-Morgan, Berna Dikicioglu, Cory Naso, Dave Churilla, Dave Kalman, Greg Brent, Hamish McCollester, Heather Toms, Jedd Levine, Jeremy Dela Cruz, Jessica Baker, John Gim, Katie Conlon, Kristy Davis, Laura Sanchez, Laura Taylor, Louis Fick, Mat Velarde, Mike Mehnert, Nathan Stack, Nick Platt, Ratnakar Pedagani, Renee Bach, Rita Wadhwani, Sarah Grablick, Sebastian Gvirtzman and Vivian Mangaoang.