Justin Thomas-Copeland, President, RAPP NY, shares his thoughts on how brands need to evolve in the digital world.

“In our digital-first universe, the two most sought-after consumer groups, Millennials and Gen Z (the first generation to live their experiences, content and life through a digital lens) are critical audiences to win over for the future prosperity of many a consumer, fashion and automotive brand.

In and of itself, digital doesn’t offer any kind of competitive advantage anymore; it’s simply too ubiquitous. Brands need to be thinking about creating adjacent digital ecosystems that provide real reasons for brand retention and brand loyalty—in essence, marketing’s Holy Grail.

Amazon and Under Amour are great examples of brands engaging with their consumers on an individual level, therefor creating a successful marketing model. These are models any CEO and CMO should be taking to the heart of their business and marketing strategies. Today’s generation of consumers are the savviest yet, so it’s time for us all to step our game up to win!”

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