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The sky is the starting point

William Everich

March 25, 2022

In the latest of our interviews that delves into the role of the Creative Technologist, we spoke with William Everich, Software Developer at RAPP New York, about owning your knowledge and embracing the craziest ideas as part of the creative process.

What does the role of a creative technologist entail?

As a creative technologist/software developer, I have a more hybrid role. A large part of my role is ensuring the most efficient development production for the output of multiple teams.

But personally, the more rewarding side of the creative technologist is manifested by “embedding” oneself in the creative group — to create a rapport where questions and curiosity can be easily asked, answered, and ruminated on — and to engage early with ongoing phases of a brief or strategy. In part, I provide guardrails around what is technically feasible while also cheerleading the technological ideas, concepts, and abilities (or concepts and abilities proposed by the team but reassembled in a novel way) that may not be so obvious.

In the best examples, this process can be seamless where creative technologists gently guide those strategic and creative brainstorms, then transform them into ideas that are feasible on a technological level. But at the same time, you avoid compromising or stepping on creative desires.

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