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How To Upskill Your Employees And Help Them Develop Their Careers

November 28, 2021

The employment landscape was an incredibly bleak one for jobseekers at the start of the pandemic. Brighter days now lie ahead, though, as a recent jobs report has unemployment sitting at a record low of 4.6% and employers opening up an estimated 531,000 new jobs in October alone. As this wave of talent considers their next professional move, they’re looking at a lot more than their day-to-day responsibilities and compensation—they want a chance at professional growth.

More and more candidates are prioritizing professional learning benefits in their job searches. According to a Udemy study, 42% of employees admitted that learning and development opportunities are the second most important benefit behind salary. By offering professional training programs or a stipend for ongoing learning opportunities, employers can compete for top talent, increase employee satisfaction, and show any potential talent that they’re invested in their futures.

Companies are caught in the middle of a talent reshuffle right now, and the time has come to start thinking about how to support aspirations for career development. Not only can this help prevent turnover, but it can also help your team feel more fulfilled and, hopefully, more productive. Once you help your team members hone their respective skill sets, build their knowledge base, and grow professionally, you aren’t just attaining and retaining top talent—you’re building an environment where people can thrive.

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