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Growth sprouts from a relentless commitment to actions that create success

David Anders

February 01, 2023

In conversation on new business and growth with David Anders, EVP of Business Development at RAPP, we learn more about how to choose the right partnerships for exponential growth, economic trends and what this means for today's marketing economy.

When searching for growth opportunities, how do you determine what is the right fit for the agency? 

At the core of our evaluation process is a commitment to stay true to what we do best – building and implementing first party data strategies, making experiences better for people across their journey, designing and delivering personalized creative, and proving marketing performance. The opportunities we pursue must include those things to some extent. 

We also look for brands that stand up for individuality because that’s at the heart of who we are and what we do. We consider their desire and ability to know their customers and to create personalized experiences. If a client is uninterested in knowing individuals better and creating more value in those relationships, it’s probably not the right opportunity for us. We also carefully consider a brand’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. We’re committed to walking the walk – both in the experiences we create and also within our agency culture – so we want our clients to be as well. That may be the best indicator we have for ensuring cultural compatibility.

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