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From Advertising Week: ‘The World Of Audio Is Coming Off Mute’ Say Ad Executives

October 20, 2021

Audio has long been known in advertising circles as a good medium for top of the purchase funnel elements like awareness and consumer interest. But at Advertising Week in New York this week, the idea of the linear customer funnel is being challenged and that has the potential to open the eyes of advertisers to using audio in new and different ways.

“The world of audio is coming off mute in many ways, especially in the customer journey,” said Michael Loper, VP at the Omnicom marketing agency RAPP. He said audio plays a role in the way consumers develop empathy for a brand, noting a June study by Spotify found two-thirds of listeners are turning to audio as an escape from video overload. Loper said audio also offers a way to harness consistency. “Repetition breeds reputation,” he said. Audio also benefits from momentum. “Content can be reformatted for an audio channel in a way that that brings a story to life in a way where you might be able to skip a few steps in the customer journey,” Loper said.

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