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Creative Abrasion: 4 strategies to introduce healthy conflict among your team

Shalini Gupta

February 07, 2024

People often try to avoid conflict in the workplace, but it turns out that some conflict—specifically, creative abrasion—can be quite healthy.

What is creative abrasion? This approach embraces healthy conflict in the workplace and encourages diverse perspectives to fuel creativity and drive better outcomes. It also allows businesses to harness the power of differing viewpoints, challenge conventional thinking and unlock the full potential of their teams.

I’ve had the opportunity to build the U.S. Army team for RAPP in Chicago, where diversity in background, age, gender, perspective and experience was a key tenet. Over the last four years, we have increased the number of staff from zero to more than 100 employees. We have produced beautiful work, and we’ve had epic failures. But overall, we have built a culture where diversity is the norm, and differing perspectives make us better.

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