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AI Is a Tool for Creativity, Not a Threat to Copywriters

Al Mackie

Al Mackie

March 30, 2022

It’s easy to feel threatened by technology (or anything for that matter) when you don’t understand how you can use it to help yourself. One of these cases is writing for creative departments in agencies. I can practically hear the intake of breath from the copywriters reading this.

Will it take your job? Not if you have a decent leader. Can it make your work and life a bit easier? It can, but you need to learn how to use it well. 

There are some sterling examples of copy written by machine (I assure you this has not been written by machine so you have to deal with my specific idiosyncrasies). Take this post by Jarvis  - it’s cleverly designed to not reveal the author until you’re a few paragraphs in.

It’s a little questionable in that it recommends not letting readers know that it was written by machine - something that ethically is not a great idea - but as an exercise that is interesting, part of reading is that we bring our own knowledge and assumptions to what we read. Given that machine written articles, though more common, are not the norm, we assume it’s been written by a human and we read through that lens. 

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