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Marketing analytics platform powered by OPMG: the shared path to value for chief marketing officers and chief data officers

August 01, 2022

While increased spending on analytics has become ubiquitous with modern digital marketing and data management, most companies are still struggling with the sheer size and variety of possible data inputs.

The combination of evolving customer experience (CX), expectations, and a massively changing technology environment demands true transformation.

So how do leaders transform and start getting the promised value from their data and analytics? Credera and sister Omnicom agency RAPP teamed up to address this issue.

The OPMG-powered Marketing Analytics Platform, or MAP, is a solution for taking companies from data collection to valuable insights. MAPs enable organizations to drive customer engagement, conversion, and lifetime value by building best-of-breed data pipelines that generate and activate real-time customer insights. With a MAP, organizations accelerate the integration, unification, and analysis of their first- and third-party customer data.

Our intent with this four-part whitepaper is to demystify the complexity around setting up a robust Marketing Analytics Platform and provide a way for companies to not only own their data but also democratize it in a way that allows the business to drive meaningful, insight-based change.

  • In part one, we introduce four steps to harness the value of customer data through building a single customer view.

  • In part two, we share how modern cloud-based MAPs enable marketers to accelerate value to deliver differentiated precision marketing.

  • In part three, we discuss incorporating a decisioning engine with the MAP.

  • In part four, we share two practical steps for getting started with a MAP.

Download the whitepaper here.

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