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Health UnRapped and the future of healthcare marketing post-pandemic

September 30, 2022

Is it true that no time in our history has ever matched today’s promise of healthcare innovation? 

What are the technologies that every healthcare marketer must embrace to spur better customer engagement?

How do we best navigate our emerging cookie-less world? 

These were just a few of the questions posed at the inaugural Health UnRAPPed, an exploration of the future of healthcare and healthcare marketing innovation— from incremental to evolutionary to revolutionary. 

The September 21st event featured futurist and trends expert Scott Steinberg and was hosted at the Sparks and Honey studio in New York. Steinberg shared his beliefs on post-pandemic shifts in healthcare marketing. It’s a thought we’ve all had: Now that healthcare is more expansive and accessible than ever, how do we as marketers adapt our approach? 

Following Steinberg’s keynote, he was joined by RAPP’s Erica Kraus, SVP of U.S. healthcare strategy, and Afua Basoah, UK head of healthcare strategy, for a lively panel discussion moderated by Troy Hitch, RAPP’s global chief innovation officer. The panel discussed the intersectionality of accessibility, innovation and wellness, and much more. Questions from the audience rounded out the thought-provoking afternoon, along with “walk out the door” actionable guidance dispensed by our panelists and moderator. 

If you weren’t able to attend, you can catch Health UnRAPPed below. And make sure you don’t miss new learnings, insights and passionate conversations on healthcare marketing at the next live event. 


At RAPP, our health mission is to co-create better outcomes for all individuals on their journeys to personal wellness.