Welcome to RAPP.

We are not an advertising agency. In fact, we aspire not to be a marketing communications agency at all. At least not in the traditional sense.

We are the customer experience agency.

Core capabilities

We are driven by data.

When used properly, by the right people and with the proper filter, data goes well beyond back-end measurement and prediction. Data is our cradle of creativity and innovation.

Data and insights — collectively, RAPP Intelligence™ — is the common theme running throughout RAPP’s approach to solve complex business challenges and the source of our competitive advantage.

We are enabled by technology.

We know that you can’t get anywhere without getting technology. It fuels us. In a big, culturally vibrant way. It enables the kind of experiences that bridge current state and desired state.

And, we put it all together.

We believe in creating real-time, brand building, problem solving, useful customer journeys across all channels that are measurable, trackable and accountable. We are building on our 50-year heritage as a powerhouse on direct, relationship and loyalty marketing to deliver experiences that make brands, products and services richer.

So who are we? We are RAPP.

The customer experience agency driven by data, inspired by culture and enabled by technology. At your service. Pull up a chair. We’re excited to meet you.

Want to know more?

Contact us. We always welcome a good chat.

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