The 110th birthday of Brazilian retail chain Pernambucanas was approaching – and we were tasked with helping the brand celebrate with its consumers. Obviously, the best way to do so was with, of course, a birthday gift. But, in a country as big as Brazil, and for a retail giant spanning 330 stores in many states, it was important to find the right customers to receive it.


We analyzed Pernambucanas’ products, along with their clients’ purchase habits, then chose a gift that had more than a perceived value – it had an emotional value that symbolized affection and nostalgia, perfect for a birthday celebration. The gift we chose? A tablecloth – after all, it’s during lunch and dinner time that families get together in the most genuine celebration of love.

The limited-edition table cloth we designed, tailor-made for this celebration, featured illustrations that tell the story of Pernambucanas’ history.


In order to build a multi-channel experience and allow recipients to dive deeper into the Pernambucanas story, we chose a well-known technology, the QR Code, to translate the content into a digital space. By scanning the table cloth with their smartphone, users were directed to the brand’s dedicated birthday landing page, detailing milestones in its history to consume and share.

We made the event feel truly exclusive by examining Pernambucanas’ client base, segmenting recipients using several factors: spend volume, client age, frequency of store visits and genuine relationship. Representing all 330 stores across the country, we selected each one’s best client (including some who have frequented the store since 1982) to receive the limited-edition gift. We made it personal – and special birthday celebration, indeed.