Could Fiat really be a friend for your life?

Fiat asked us to come up with a campaign for Friendship Day. But rather than simply trying to sell cars, they wanted an idea that would really bring home its new brand positioning of celebrating life inside the car. 


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We celebrated four legs instead of four wheels

What better way to celebrate Friendship Day than with man’s best friend? Teaming up with a well-known animal rescue organisation, we replaced every single car on the Fiat website with a dog that was looking to ride home with a new owner. We hoped that this would be the start of a beautiful new friendship – for the dogs, our customers and us. 


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Our tails were definitely up

Fiat followers took the campaign to heart, and it soon spread far beyond the brand’s channels. In the first few hours of Friendship Day, 50,000 people visited the Fiat website. Afterwards, five million people watched the film that celebrated the success of the campaign. Not to be sniffed at. 


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