About us

We’re an integrated agency for the connected age.
We create brand, digital and direct experiences that change people's behavior.
We think what makes us special is how we creatively combine data and human insights to develop emotionally compelling experiences with huge impact.
Take a look at our work to see the evidence, then contact us so we can do the same for you.

Driven by Data

Data gives us the customer insights we use to solve every challenge. Our in-house expertise with data is unparalleled in the industry – that’s part of what makes RAPP unique.

Inspired by People

We’re inspired by people, because people shape the ever-shifting cultural trends we can use to craft experiences that are genuinely meaningful to your customers and their lives.

Enabled by Technology

Your customers are connected to each other through technology, so your brand had better be, too. Our skill is finding a purpose amid all the innovation that enables your brand to most powerfully connect with your customers.